transfer data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone 7

Want to know the easiest method to transfer all your content from an old iPhone to your new iPhone 7? Here’s the answer to it:

As soon as you buy your new and dazzling iPhone 7 you would want to transfer all your valuable data to your new device. If you are making use of iTunes cable and a cable or iTunes and internet your very first concern should be to create a backup of data of your old device simultaneously restore the data into your new device. Although the process is pretty clear-cut, I will help you step by step.

How can you transfer your content from an old iPhone to your new iPhone?

The solution to this is that if you make an enciphered support of your old iPhone by utilizing the iTunes then you can transfer your content into your new device. As a matter of fact, it will bring back the considerable amount of data including the passwords. This process is effortless and cuts out all the extra time that you have to spend on getting the backup.

Step 1 : You will need a USB cable (or a 30-pin Dock to USB for when if you have iPhone 4s device or any other model.)

Step 2 : Along with it you are required to re-download the apps.

Step 3 : Ensure that you are using the latest version of iTunes apps.

Step 4 : Followed by this plug-in your old iPhone into your Windows or Mac device.

Step 5 : Then Launch the iTunes.

Step 6 : As soon as the iPhone icon appears on the menu bar click on it.

Step 7 : Click on the back up section.

Step 8 : Then click on the Encrypt Backup and add a password to it.

Step 9 : Alternatively skip the Backup Apps which appears on your screen.(They will automatically re-download).

Step 10 : When the backup is done unplug your device.

Step 11 : Turn it off.

Step 12 : Take out the SIM card of your old iPhone.

Step 13 : Then put the SIM card into your new iPhone and turn on your device.

Step 14 : This time plug in your new device into windows PC or Macbook.

Step 15 : Then slide to set up your phone.

Step 16 : Set up your wifi settings and follow the directions further.

Step 17 : Go to the Restore from iTunes backup.

Step 18 : On the iTunes section choose the Restore from this Laptop on your windows PC or Macbook.

Step 19 : From the list displayed on your screen choose the option of Recent Backup.

Step 20 : If your data was encrypted you have to fill up your password.

Do not disconnect your device until and unless the backup and downloads are comprehensively done. The amount of time which gets used during this process entirely depends upon the data that you have to restore. During this intact progression your iPhone may heat up a little but that’s fine. The usage of battery may also increase to an extent due to spotlight indexing system but that’s a part and parcel of the entire data restoring process. So just wait and let it finish.

How can you transfer the data using iCloud to your new iOS device?

The major benefit of using Apple’s iCloud service is that you can transfer your entire content wirelessly. To emphasize it totally depends upon when your previous backup was and if in case you want to manually trigger the backup ahead of making the data transfer from one device to another. This process will make certain that the thing is up to date.

Step 1 : Take your old iPhone.

Step 2 : Ensure that Wifi is connected to your device.

Step 3 : Launch the settings of the Home Screen.

Step 4 : Then click on iCloud.

Step 5 : Then on Backup option.

Step 6 : As soon as the backup process is done then turn off your device.

Step 7 : Then take out your SIM card from your old iPhone.

Step 8 : Put up the SIM card into your new iPhone device.

Step 9 : Turn it on and slide to set up the device.

Step 10 : Set up the Wifi network and choose the language.

Step 11 : Select the option of restore from iCloud Backup.

Step 12 : Then sign in to your iCloud account.

Step 13 : Read all the terms and conditions and agree.

Step 14 : Then select your recent backup from the list.

Step 15 : Fill the password if the app is password protected.

The device may heat up during this process but do not worry as the time taken to restore your data completely depends upon the apps. Stay on Wifi to hasten up the process.

What is the probable method to automatically set up with your iPhone or iPad on ios 11?

For information Apple infrequently proffers various updates to watchOS, tvOS, macOS and iOS as a closed previews or public betas for iPhone, iPad and all other devices of apple. At the same time as betas consists of new features but they also contain pre-release bugs which will hinder the normal usage of your iPhone. This is the main reason we recommend maintaining distance from any such updates unless you must need for software development.

Step 1: Choose your language on your device, with your new iPhone or iPad in close propinquity.

Step 2: Click on the  pop up mentioning to set up your device with your Apple ID.

Step 3: Then scan the image which appears on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 4: Enter the password on your device.

Step 5: Then set up the touch ID on your device whether it’s iPhone or iPad.

Step 6: Choose the apt backup option for you whether its from iCloud or iTunes.

Step 7: Agree to the given terms and conditions.

Step 8: Click on the express settings and continue.

Step 9: Complete the setup process for your iPhone or iPad device


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