One Plus 5 is one of the most successful smart phones till now from One Plus. One Plus 5 is way better than One Plus 3T. One plus 5 has everything more. It is smarter, classier and even does have more power. The software of the phone is simple and unique and also it is easily accessible. The features of the phone are not so complicated that it cannot be understood by people.

However, this phone is surely going to change the mind of the people and even us that what we think about flagships phone.

There are so many positives and negatives end of this phone. So, let’s have a look at those.


  • The software of the phone is simply accessible and very user-friendly.
  • The charging system of the phone is very strong that it is famous for charging the battery in just half an hour. The charging system of the phone is superb.
  • The camera of the phone is just so amazing that it feels like the phone is specifically designed for those photographers out there who do not have DSLR’s or expensive cameras.
  • The price of the phone is optimum. It is priced quite fairly.
  • The powerhouse performance of the phone is excellent.


  • The major drawback of the phone takes into consideration the fact that it is not water resistant. It cannot hold water on it.
  • The phone is more or less like an iPhone. It is like a copy pasting done.
  • The image tuning property is not for everyone.

So these were some of the pros and cons of the ultimate phone One plus 5. The phone is really good at some points and sometimes it is really not worth. The features of the phone are described below, but before that, it is very important to note that the4 phone has a mixed review of both positives and negatives so it should not be judged on a single side.

So, now keeping all these things apart let’s take up all the necessary features of the phone in a nutshell and make them open. Here we go-

A Clone of Apple iPhone

This wasn’t really expected from One Plus as the phone is a total replica of the new model of Apple iPhone which iPhone 7. The back of one plus 5 looks more like an iPhone than a normal phone. It is extremely close to iPhone 7. The phone has also a finishing of black matte color on its back which is again a feature of iPhone. In the past years, companies like Huawei have been already charged with copying the design of Apple. However, the process is still the same but recently they have nurtured their new designs otherwise it was their copy of iPhone.

The Most Amazing and Fantastic Software of the Phone

The accessibility of One Plus 5 is just amazing. The phone is extremely pleasant to use. The phone has android 7.1.1 Nougat operating version of Android. It has a Snapdragon 835 processor and a RAM of 8 GB. The phone is designed more like a user-friendly and this fact is proved by the drastic accessibility which makes it absolutely fast and very friendly for users. The software of this phone is quite identical to that of the software of Google Pixel.

One of the major and very important facts include that I personally played many games on the phone from Happy Hop to Subway surfer, from parking master 3D to Dodonpachi Unlimited and I noticed the fact that the phone isn’t hanging at all. This is something I really admire and I am happy to share.

Difference Between the Models

There are basically two versions of this phone. When the fact comes to RAM and storage space, there are basically two splittings of One Plus 5. One model of the phone has 6 Gb RAM and 64 GB storage space in all. However, the other model of the phone is a little expensive than the first one and has 8 GB RAM and 128 GB as storage space. However, we noticed this fact that more RAM takes up more battery and at the end of the day make the phone clumsier. The users of any phone will need the first option that is of 6 Gb RAM.

Camera Quality

One Plus 5 offers the mimics like that of an iPhone. The dual camera setup is just like that of iPhone 7. It consists of two Sony lenses on the back mimics wherein the primary lens is 16 megapixels and the other which is the telephoto is 20 megapixels. Since t is mentioned above that the phone is more like a clone or replica of iPhone, therefore it also has this 2* hybrid zoom system which is also present in iPhone and they call it “depth effect” in their words.

The Battery Life and Connectivity

The phone contains 3300 mAh battery inside. The most amazing and attractive thing about the phone is its battery charging system. This is one of the features which have attracted many people out there. Do you want to know how? Then keep on reading. The battery life of the phone is excellent as it lasts all day long. Also, the most amazing thing here is that the phone is charged in just half n hour. Yes, not one hour but only half. Doesn’t that sound great?

Price, Warranty and the Availability of Phone

This is surely going to blow the mind of users as this phone is unlocked even without a contact with its own real website. This is one of the amazing features and the best way to buy a smart phone. The 64 Gb phone comes in a matte finish of gray color. The most amazing fact is that One Plus 5 is launching its limited edition of Gold which is loved by all the users.


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