Moto is a short form of Motorola and the company has introduced so many phones since past year. Motorola has been a company with good reputation in the market and many people are not just the visitors but regular customers and fan of Motorola phones.

However, recently the company has developed a new model of phone which is Moto Z2 Force. Last year Motorola along with Lenovo introduced two smart phones which were Moto Z and Moto Z force. This year they have totally changed the view and they came up with the idea of innovate a new phone and name it as Moto Z2 Force. Obviously, this model is the good version of the other two which were developed last year. There are some changes and improvements in this phone.

Please check the main positives and negatives of Moto Z2 Force below-

Major Positives

  • The screen is shatterproof which is ultimate.
  • The storage of Moto Z2 Force is expandable which the main benefit everyone looks for.
  • The performance of the phone has been reviewed nicely.
  • The design of the phone is just astonishing as it has a solid metal body.
  • The android system of this phone is stock like.

Major Negatives

  • The battery of the phone is very small which is a major drawback.
  • The one thing which most of the people notice is the headphone jack which this phone doesn’t supports.
  • The phone is even not a water resistance one.
  • The camera of the phone isn’t that good as it is very weak in dim light.
  • The screen is not very strong to handle an accident. It is a kind of easy broken types.

Despite of the major positives and negatives of the phone, Moto Z2 Force has many more features and reviews for and against it. Some of the main features of the phone are listed down below. Please do check-

The Ultimate Design of the Phone

The overall appearance if the phone is not as changeable as it was supposed to be. However, this doesn’t changes the fact that there are many changes in the phone. There are many notable changes which are observed by everyone who has reviewed about the phone. The phone is truly a compatible one. Moto Z2 force includes 7000 sequence of Aluminum for the extra hardness, roughness. However, the major point for which it is innovated is the durability. The phone is a slim one and this thinner body and appearance of the phone makes it look more royal and it feels very comfortable in the hand.

The Astonishing Display of Moto Z2 Force

The display of the phone is surely a good one as it comes with a 5.5 inch LED Display with a total resolution of 2560*1440. The colors of the screen are vibrant and the contrast is just amazing. Customers of this phone who are also fond of surfing web pages, websites, playing games all day long are very much lucky because they can now perform as many things as they want. The display of Moto Z2 Force works amazing. The screen display may not be as smart and royal looking like that of galaxy S8 and LG G6 but yes the phone is popular due to the fact that it has a special technology which is Shattershield.

The Amazing Performance of the Phone

The phone is launched in this year 2017. The flagship of this smart phone is recent. It contains four gigabytes of RAM. Customers expected a lot from this phone and surprisingly their expectations are met to a great extent. The phone has never run short of expectation of its customers. The Z2 Force is an amazing phone which is approachable and is very quick in its responses. Also people who used this phone are not facing any such difficulties as the phone works amazing if you want to perform so many tasks at once. It enables multitasking which is one of the most demanding features of any smart phone nowadays.

The Hardware of Z2 Force

The internal memory of the phone is 64 GB. However, the surprising fact here is that the smart phone is available in only one option, which means people can only opt for 64 GB internal memory Z2 Force, none other than that. But customers and fans really need not to worry as it also supports the microSD Slot which is there if you are willing to have more memory than what it actually offers. One drawback that pops up is the lack of feature of water-resistance and dust-resistance. It does not carry a coating which will protect your phone from water if it happens sometimes accidentally.  The phone also doesn’t supports Headphone jacks. Most of the people find this fact very much disappointing.

The Ultimate Camera

Nowadays, there are so many newly launched flagships and a trend is emerging over time which suggests having dual camera. This feature of dual camera is now very common in the recent flagships. However, Motorola has joined OEM. It usually has 12 megapixels camera with a PDAF and an aperture of 2.0. It also has dual camera which is very essential nowadays to satisfy the customers. Both the camera correlates and combines with each other and creates images which are generally of high quality. Identical to the features of iPhone 7 and OnePlus 5, Motorola also offers you the second sensor with a latest effect of portrait mode.

The Software of Z2 Force

The Software of all the phones developed and designed by Motorola is amazing. The reviews of the customers have shown that that the software of all the phones of Motorola has been quite supportive. However, this phone Z2 Force supports the Android version of 7.1.1. The most extraordinary thing about the phone is that it always stocks the android and this is the only review people used to be proud of saying. In comparison to other phones like OnePlus 5 and many others, the experience of the best software will be acknowledged by you in this phone. It is the cleanest software ever.


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