iPhone 8 Review

For the sake of betterment of the past decade, smartphone fans worldwide have been going for iPhone hobble. At the present year, the smartphone domain is definitely is discharging with modifications.  The former flagship outlines and the year-old prevailing traditions are overtaken by modern ideas, example: the launch of latest ‘super-wide-aspect-ratio screens’.

Apple also thought of walking along the same path. The primary features which they possess are their own set trend; designing phones as per the beat of their drum are also getting faded in front of this innovative ideas. This is the primary reason for the arrival of the iPhone 8 breaking all stereotypical concepts and controversies regarding the device.

To begin from the ground level first we need to have a glimpse of the stuff inside the box. The iPhone 8 box comprises of:

  • iPhone 8
  • Charger
  • SIM Tool
  • USB for cable lightning
  • Analogue Headphone Adapter
  • Lightning Earphones/pods
  • Welcome Message Card
  • Stickers
  • User Manual


As per the launch and the assumptions prior to the launch of the phone due to the company’s sudden leap from ‘S Series’ to the iPhone 8 may seem a completely different outlook of the same. However, shamming all such concepts the design or outlook of the phone is not more or less similar to what was expected.

The significant which the iPhone 8 has undergone is the glass back. This glass back will be facilitating wireless charging. The disadvantage which will make you give a second thought before purchasing it is the fragile texture as compared to the rest of the old designs. Another feature that will overwhelm the buyer is the waterproofing feature which is protecting the hardware from the damage

Rapid Innards

A11 Bionic With four efficiency cores that are up to 70 per cent faster than A10 Fusion

Among the major upgrades that iPhone 8 has come up with is the innovative A11 ‘Bionic Chip’ within. This chip assumed to have produced with the 10nm method. If the above lines do not make much sense to you it implies that the A11 ‘Bionic Chip’ will increase the battery life thereby improving the power backup of the phone. In addition, it will smooth the progress of high power consuming applications. It is also unbelievably powerful and chiefly enhances the AR skill.

This is not a ‘wow’ feature of iPhone as this can be seen in the series launched in the recent past which has already boosted the phones including the 8 series to withstand high-power apps.

Glass Back and Wireless Charging Facility

Wireless Charging

The design of iPhone 8 is somewhat similar to that of the iPhone 7 which is a bit disheartening as everyone expected a completely different outlook.

The glass back provides wireless charging facility and will be seen in all the upcoming series of iPhones. It utilizes the Qi level which proves to be the most convenient way of charging all future phones. Apart from it the glass back also gives the phone a lighter feel compared to the other. Comprising of a 4.7-inch display which will not acquire much space in hand and it is also simple to tap the touch button without taking the phone in your hand.

The overall design of the phone is very much identical to the other past series. However, the newly launched gold color is indeed very eye-catching with the ‘two-toned’ effect.

iPhone 8 Retina HD Display

iPhone 8 Retina HD Display

The screen has experienced a slight upgradation as compared to the iPhone 7 which was the minimum expectation we had from the phone. The front display/LCD screen is bright and versatile in addition to the Retina display characteristic to gaze at. The color breeding technique acts as a catalyst for offering sharper displays.

The actual fact is that the High Definition display is not what its claim to be, in reality, the standard version of full HD display. This is only displayed feature which makes Apple a bit backward than the others in terms of pixel density.

As the iPad Pro, it also possesses the ‘True Tone’ technology which has been able to bring some variation to the display color.

iPhone 8 Camera

iPhone 8 features a more advanced 12‑megapixel camera

In the aspect of the camera, Apple has brought in minor variation. In terms of the primary camera resolution, it has stuck to their ‘tested’ 12MP sensor. It is rather disappointing the same sensor was used in the iPhone 7but still the phone is capable of taking incredible snaps. Nevertheless, we strongly expected the usage of two sensors in the latest launch.

This was the certain feeling due to sudden skip of the series launched by Apple. The overall camera trait is still impressive with clear, crisp and sharp snaps and adjustable zooms.

Interface and Function

Prior to the debut of iPhone 8, the iOS 11 of Apple has started coming in thus making it clear enough that iPhone 8 is also using the same version of iOS. Evaluating with the past updates there are no such noticeable changes which will highlight this new edition.

The huge advantage which it provides is the introduction of ‘Control Centre’ redesign adding to more functionality like the ability to customize the toggles in one tap. Other varieties include an upgraded app store, File Location, Modified Maps and generally the availability of Siri.

Final Verdict

The tag ‘Iphone 8’ is somewhat unsuccessful to define the phone as there is no such major modification that the phone is comprised with. The expectation which we are still clinging is the processor which claims to enhance the battery life. However, it fails to impress when compared to its newly launched sibling iPhone X.

The screen is clean and bright but not has an ultra HD display. It is just the usage of advanced True Tone Technology which is into operation.

Another advantage is the price accessibility as compared to the much insanely priced iPhone X. it is much affordable than compared to the others. Thus, it is suggested that if you are planning to buy an iPhone with an affordable price this is the ultimate one (still it will be a relatively expensive buy with such flagship phone).


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