Smart phones in all around the world are very popular gadget nowadays. People tend to go for smart android phones which are of ultimate high quality and with a good brand name. Not only a brand name but price and budget also matters for them. Some people prefer the good brands like HTC and such. However, while saying HTC I usually remember some very good facts about the company and its brilliant smart phones.

HTC is one of the most influential, prevailing and attractive smart phone brand ever in my research. Every time the company used to have a new innovation on their smart phones which make them even more attractive and most demanding in the market. There were so many efforts involved in making a pc of HTC to a smart phone and that too of a very good quality.

One such innovation, which has completely ruled people heart’s by making a very good impression on them is the newly launched HTC U11. HTC U11 is the newly launched smart phone in the market, which does have some negatives too but the positives are also from the side. HTC has always been a tough competitor in the market against the brands like Samsung but still, many improvements have to be made to make it the best.

HTC U11 has some very good aspects and bad too. Some of them are listed below-

Good Aspects

  • The finishing of the phone is ultimate and is a beautiful mirror like finish.
  • The display is such vivacious and elegant that people like it by the looks.
  • The inbuilt perfect camera is amazing.
  • Battery life of the phone is expected to be long lasting.
  • The audio experience is quite fantastic.

Bad Aspects

  • The phone tends to attract the fingerprints very often.
  • The phone is even a little bit slick in the hands and often it tends to slip.
  • The major drawback is the no jacks for headphones.

HTC U11 is quite good in its feature, however, the negatives are also along with it but the entire smart phone is a good one. HTC 10 was somewhere a failure and now HTC has undergone so much of changes with this new model that it can be the demanding of all. The new model has snappier software, with the very much finished quality of its edges. The phone is definitely a different one from what the HTC innovated for HTC 10.

Some people might have mixed feelings regarding the phone’s review, but may be its really very important to find out the major reviews of the model and if it is worth buying or not? Find the major analysis of HTC U11 down below-


The ever elegant design has been one of the major features of the model which will make customers to buy it. The phone is beautifully designed and developed in such a fantastic manner that its elegance can no way beat other models. HTC has always opted for the metal construction of the previous models of the phones, but however, this time the HTC shifted its mindset from metal to metal and glass. The corners are round as usual, and the edges are a little bit curved, especially on the front and back part. The elegance and comfort ability of the phone cannot be just defined by words.


The ultimate display is a major comeback. Display on the screen of the phone is something which everyone used to demand in a very good way. If the display is loved by everyone the phone is definitely a major reason to buy. Other companies like Samsung, LG and much more have the tendency to make the phone taller and narrower. But somehow they don’t realize the fact that nowadays public is never demanding for a taller phone. Rather, they want such phones which are comfortable for them and never always slip due to the tallness. The display is 5.5 inches with quad HD super LCD display. The ratio, as usual, is 16:9.

The quality of the phone is ultimate, sizzling and very sharp. The screen has done wonders this time and the viewing angles of the phone are exceptional and admirable. Also, the colors are such vivacious and chirpy that it attracts a lot of people. The phone entirely is amazing just with one exception which is that the mobile outshines very much in the night while using, but this is a negligible one which can be surely compromised by the true fans and customers of HTC.

Battery Life

The Battery life of the phone is everlasting and very amazing. Whenever the public wants to buy a smart phone, the first thing that they usually confirm about the phone is the battery life. If the battery life is good, then they tend to compromise other things. In simple words, other things can be negotiated when battery life is long lasting.

The U11 is the best in this case. Thanks to the HTC Company for innovating such a model which is demanded by many people. The battery life is exceptional even though it features 3000 mAh. Even though the usage of the full day, the phone never tends to hang or shut down or pop up for low battery. Even the most amazing fact about the phone is that it charges even quicker and better than the other phones.

Camera Quality

Camera quality of the phone is just astonishing. Everyone needs a good camera if they are paying a handsome amount of money. People demand good cameras in the smart phones. The phone is developed and designed with a 12 mega pixel back camera with a sensor. The photos generated from the phone are vibrant and graceful at the same time.  Even the photos taken at night or in some low lights are just fabulous.


The performance of the HTC U11 is just astounding and beyond belief. The phone comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, which also contains 4 GB of ram and is very quick and fluid as most of the people demand. There are no issues found with the hanging of phone while playing games and running high-end apps with so much  memory.


HTC U11 is the best smart phone with all the best features of its hardware. The on-board storage is generally of 64 GB. One of the most spacious smart phones I ever had in my history. The SD card which is micro can also be inserted in the phone and the memory is usually expandable up to 256 GB. The expanding feature of the phone is like a magic which turns out. The phone is also available in other aspects too, like 6 GB of RAM and the 128 GB of storage which is just amazing.


The software of the phone is not as much changed, but yes, there are some minor changes as compared to the predecessor of HTC which includes HTC 10 or HTC U Ultra. HTC U11 is basically having an Android version of 7.1.1 Nougat. All the other features are just same, but the version of android has significantly changed. The most noticed and astonishing feature of U11 is the edge Sense technology which it supports. Edge sense is basically a technology that is used to go to the different apps and functions too by a shortcut. It is a kind of shortcut only.


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