Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Do you know what actually Fitbit Blaze is? I know many of you may be already aware of the fact, however, some may don’t know an inch about it. So, let’s not worry much because I am going to tell people about Fitbit Balze watch and its reviews based on the usage.

Now to make things simple first let me explain what actually it is? So, a Fitbit Blaze is nowadays promoted and even marketed as a “Smart Fitness watch”. Yes, a watch which is absolutely different from what we used to wear on our wrists. Fitbit Blaze is a watch which is all in one. All in one means the watch is absolutely stunning and very pleasant in its looks.

This is all in one wearable watch which helps and provides many facilities and advantages of wearing it. First of all, it offers the absolute tracking of fitness. The second point concludes that it offers the functions as the normal watch as well. It has the basic functionality of smart watch which is so much in trend nowadays.

The competitors of this watch are not less as Samsung gear fit 2 is one of the devices which has almost same functions like Fitbit and it is on the similar line. If we compare the Fitbit blaze with other same devices of this pattern like Apple watch and Fitbit Surge, we find that the Fitbit blaze is not as attractive as the other two devices are. However, it could be attractive but it is not.

But the drawback of not being attractive doesn’t change the fact that when I actually had that watch on my wrist I could feel the awesomeness and plenty of good things regarding it. The watch is especially for those who are so much into the exercising and all those fitness trumps.

Despite all these facts, fitbit Blaze has its own very Pros and cons. Some of them I would like to mention below


  • It has the very fastidious option of multiple straps.
  • It is trustworthy and a reliable device for tracking.
  • The Battery life of the watch is just amazing and good.


  • A heartbreaking information for runners is that it does not support inbuilt GPS.
  • It is also not waterproof.
  • It does not include the notification of a third party.

Some of the basic features of watch include

The Ultimate Design of Fitbit Blaze

The Fitbit Blaze watch is not less than a smartphone. Not just in its functionality but in its appearance too. The screen is 1.2 inch and is fully detachable with a pixel of 240*180 color screen. The watch has a metal frame and also the strap which has a rubber detailing in it. However, it cannot be said that the watch Fitbit watch is ultimate and best of all. No, it is not the prettiest in the market place. The feel of watches like Huawei watch and Moto 360 2 is just so royal and branded. Fitbit Blaze is not like these but yet not the ugliest in the market.

The Tracking Mode and Software of Fitbit Blaze

On the sports side of the watch of Fitbit Blaze, there are so many drawbacks and compromises that are made which are not negotiable at all. This is the only disapproval which I really don’t support at all. It is more like a fusion device than a perfect sports tracker. And one of the most irritating and annoying facts of this watch is that it is not water-proof. The water resistant quality of the watch is always admired which is not with the Fitbit Blaze. It even doesn’t support the inbuilt GPS in it. How can a fitness watch develop without GPS? For those people who have a seduce addiction of fitness are really going to hate the watch as they have to carry their Smartphone while walking to measure the distance covered and stuffs like that.

The Fitbit Blaze is very genuine watch and shows real time numbers. Like if I walked 10 km and I did measure it with Fitbit it is surely going to show me the same results as my smart phone does. There is no any difference in that. Fitbit shows all the data on an application name Today App and if you are interested in more detail data and information then Fitbit also offers Smartphone app for its users. Fitbit has this amazing feature of measuring everything. Everything means how much steps you took? how many calories did you burn? The time period you slept for and many more things. However, the ultimate update of the watch is more than expected as it now also mentions the Cardio fitness score to its users. This is the way people can measure their overall fitness.

The Battery Life of Fitbit Blaze

The battery life of Fitbit Blaze is just astonishing and it is really going to blow the mind of fitness addicted people. This is the key area where Fitbit has really taken away all the other brand watches like Moto 360 sports or Microsoft band 2. These watches have a battery life but not as good as Fitbit offers to people. These watches offer two days battery life and then a charge is ultimately required to let the watch run but people will be surely surprised to know the fact that Fitbit Blaze offers five days of battery life which is more than enough. Doesn’t it sound amazing that you won’t charge your watch in every two days? The battery life of the watch has induced many people to buy it.

Buying the Fitbit Blaze or not is a matter of concern as it is not very important for you to buy it. If you are someone very much addicted to fitness and is very conscious regarding it then this is not the right option you are going for. For casual runners and someone who just do exercises, Fitbit Blaze is best for them.


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