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The Fitbit Alta HR is a slick, thin wristband that will speak to individuals who incline toward their tracker to be tactful however in vogue. This new Alta HR show includes a heart-rate screen and much-enhanced sleep observing highlights to the first Alta tracker; Fitbit claims that the Alta HR is the world’s slimmest tracker with a heart screen.

The Alta HR sits between the earliest Alta tracker and the bigger, all the more completely highlighted Fitbit Charge 2. In that capacity it should engage individuals – and let’s be realistic, Fitbit is focusing on women here – who need a chic tracker with a heart-rate screen.

With the heart-rate screen, you get enhanced fitness details, more help with calorie-consuming targets and some new super sleep measurements. Include the much-enhanced wristband and the Alta HR resembles a hit.

Fitbit Alta Hr Design

The Alta HR is one of Fitbit’s slimmest wristband activity trackers: only 15mm in size. The new Flex 2 is significantly slimmer, at 11mm, yet does not have the Alta HR’s bigger and more useful display; It’s agreeable in a can-scarcely feel-you’re-wearing-it way, and can go about as an independent look and a tracker.

Like the Fitbit Flex 2, Charge 2 and Blaze you can reject the Alta tracker itself from the tie, which implies you can change to new ties when you like. This implies you don’t need to supplant the entire tracker on the off chance that you harm the band. It accompanies an adaptable solid elastomer strap (Classic) as standard, in four shading choices ` in addition to two Special Edition trackers. Accessories incorporate leather and metal brands; The removable tracker is produced using stainless steel, and the buckle from aluminum.

The Alta bands will fit the new Alta HR, so in case you’re redesigning or supplanting an Alta with the new form, your accumulation of ties will fit.

The Alta HR includes a considerably sturdier watch-like buckle than the earliest Alta, which has a firm yet less unequivocal two-catch pop fasten. We think the clasp alone is justified regardless of the additional cash contrasted with the Alta, however, we can affirm that the Alta never fell off our wrist amid testing either.

We think either Alta will engage ladies especially, as it isn’t awkward, is lightweight and looks slick. As indicated by Fitbit 80 percent of Alta proprietors are women, yet the organization anticipates that the Alta HR will move to a more unisex possession. Saying this doesn’t imply that the Alta or HR is “girly” by any stretch of the imagination (or men can’t be classy!), despite the fact that it might take a man of enormous fearlessness to pull off wearing the Pink Special Edition display.

Its tap-based display is sharp (128 x 36-pixel determination) and simple to peruse. Dissimilar to the five dot display of the Flex 2 Alta’s 1.4-inch OLED makes it easy to check your activity advance without opening the Fitbit application

Fitbit Alta HR Features Review

Utilizing its MEMS 3-pivot accelerometer both the Fitbit Alta HR measure activity patterns to decide your calories consumed, separate voyaged, dynamic minutes, and steps were taken.

Like the Fitbit Flex 2, the Alta HR (regardless of its name) does not have the altimeter found in the Charge, HR, Blaze and Surge. This implies it won’t quantify stairs or stature to push you to take the slopes instead of the level. In the event that running up loads of stairs and measuring this activity is imperative to you ought to consider one of the alternate Fitbits

The Alta HR screens your heart rate – utilizing an indistinguishable PurePulse innovation from the Charge 2, Fitbit Blaze or Fitbit Surge trackers. Measuring heart rate is imperative for rec center goers, and undoubtedly anybody interested in getting more fit. The heart-rate following Fitbits utilize three heart-rate zones to enable you to upgrade your exercise by focusing on various preparing powers.

In the event that you can live without this level of fitness data, the Alta is fine, yet the additional heart-rate screen will speak to even the direct exerciser; you don’t should be a wellness aficionado to get the advantages of a heart tracker. The HR additionally has the advantage of giving substantially more nitty-gritty sleep checking data.

Fitbit Alta Hr Sleep Review

You should get a decent night’s sleep which ought to be one of your wellness needs.

While the Alta will record your sleeping plans, taking note of when you are sleepless, normal to-sleep times, and length of sleep the Alta HR goes facilitate – utilizing its accelerometer data and heart-rate changeability (the adjustments in time between thumps) in addition to Fitbit calculations to all the more precisely gauge to what extent you spend in Light, Deep and REM Sleep Stages, and also time conscious, every night.

Alerts and Notifications

The Alta HR’s vibration engine implies you can set “noiseless” alerts to wake you up, and furthermore advise you when you somebody calls your mobile or sends you a message. Date-book notices are another convenient element.

You can set up the Alta HR to show instant messages in that spot on your wrist, so you don’t need to reach in your pocket or sack for your telephone. Guest ID will tell you who’s calling if the individual calling is in your telephone’s contacts

Fitbit Alta Hr Exercise Tracking

The Alta HR (like the Alta, Charge 2, Blaze and Surge) include SmartTrack multi-wear practice observing to effortlessly record exercises and see constant exercise details and synopses.

The tracker knows when you’re cycling, running, climbing or playing sports including football, tennis, and ball. They will likewise perceive oxygen-consuming exercises, for example, Zumba, cardio-kickboxing and move exercises. They will record the activity in the Fitbit application alongside an activity outline.

Another incredible element is Reminders to Move, practice prompts that buzz you into getting off your posterior in the wake of sitting too long at your work area, for example. This urges you to meet a smaller than normal advance objective of 250 stages every hour (roughly 2-3 minutes of strolling). These prompts can be customized to your calendar; for instance, they can be put on “Don’t Disturb” amid long gatherings or arrangements.

This is particularly imperative in light of late restorative research that proposes that work area bound office work is in reality more terrible for your health than smoking! This contrasts and with a lower 6.8 percent hazard for the individuals who sat for under four hours per day and were dynamic for no less than one hour daily.


The Alta HR is Fitbit’s most jazzy heart-rate tracker to date. It does not have an altimeter for stair and slope climbing details, yet its day in and day out heart-rate screen will enable you to get fitter, get in shape, and better screen your rest. You get the center Steps, Distance, Calories and Sleep estimations, and programmed practice acknowledgment usefulness. Guest ID and the capacity to peruse messages on your wrist are additionally huge in addition to focuses. You truly don’t have to wear a different watch and you’ll barely know you’re wearing the Alta HR as it’s so agreeable and lightweight.


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