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Its’ not that we use technology, we live technology

In the world driven by technology, there’s a lot to know and lot to understand. Every day, in fact, every hour, a technology is taking birth in some corner of the world. So it’s necessary to keep your brain updated with these innovations as it is important to update your Smartphone. Knowing the whereabouts of the world is a necessity to survive in this competing era. The remarkable innovation in technologies and the miraculous inventions drive the need of exploring through these creations in order to know that the scale of creativity and innovation is beyond imaginations.

Using blogging as the tool, a new venture Lambdaa has come up with expert bloggers, and thinkers keep you updated with the latest technology. The main objective behind this startup is to throw a light on the features of commendable gadgets; be it their highlights or be it their complications. This page has it all. This website also infuses your brain into some amazing and never though-of applications to enhance the activity of your respective gadgets. These tools, features and trending news about gadgets help us stand out in this ever-growing competing world.

Kamlesh Patel

Lambdaa is an initiation by Kamlesh Patel, who is a tech savvy and aims to spread his knowledge about these amazing gadgets around the globe. The main objective behind this website is to help the society learn the dos and don’ts of the wearables, devices like laptops, smartphones,etc.. In the era of this influential world where everyone gets carried away with attractive advertisements, Lambdaa tries to highlight both the sides of the coin in front of the public. Unleashing the hidden features of the gadgets is the driving motivation behind Lambdaa.